2016-08-28 2016 SOTA Typography Award for Fred Smeijers
Fred Smeijers is the recipient of the 2016 SOTA Typography Award of the Society of Typographic Aficionados!

Congratulations to Fred from everyone at OurType!

2016-02-22 Smeijers on stage
Listen to Fred Smeijers this spring and summer:

Paris - Printemps de la Typographie, École Estienne at the Auditorium Colbert, March 11.

Berlin – 'Transformations in Letterpress Printing' at Humboldt University Berlin, June 10.

Urbino - ISIA Type Week 2016, July 25 - 30.
2015-05-05 Smeijers on stage
Listen to Fred Smeijers this summer and fall:

London - Eye Magazine's Stencil Spectacular TypeTuesday at the St Bride library, on June 2, 7 PM. With Eric Kindel.

Istanbul - ISType with 'Swift, Efficient, and Clear', June 14, 2:30 PM.

Urbino - ISIA Type Week 2015, July 20-24.

Cornuda – AEPM2015 Conference, Tipoteca Italiana, October 2.

2015-04-02 Fred Smeijers to give the 41st Annual Dwiggins lecture
We are delighted to announce two upcoming lectures by Fred Smeijers.

Fred will be presenting the 41st Annual Dwiggins Lecture for The Society of Printers and Boston Public Library on April 14, 2015, 6 PM.

A second public lecture will follow at the Rhode Island School of Design on April 16 2015, 6:30 PM.

Both events are open to the public.

2014-11-01 Smeijers on stage this fall
Fred Smeijers's public lectures will continue this fall with presentations in:
Osaka - at 'We Love Type 2' (November 6, 12PM), followed by Tokyo – 'Type Design and Punchcutting' at Musashino (November 10, 6PM), Saarbrücken – HBKSaar November 25, 3PM, Paris – 'On Counterpunch with B42Editors' (November 26, 8PM), and lastly 'Walk the line – type design, practice, history' at Giving Form to History (Centre Pompidou/ENSAD November 28, 12PM).

More lectures are schedulled for 2015, details to be announced soon.
2014-07-01 Fred Smeijers to speak at PaTI - Paju Typography Institute
OurType's Fred Smeijers will be speaking on type design at the acclaimed PaTI - Paju Typography Institute, South Korea.

'Type Design: A Place Where Currents Meet' – July 2, 6 PM, PaTI at Paju Book City.

2014-06-27 Big Type from 1600 to 1920, on display in Leipzig
What a wonderful and cosy opening of the exhibition »Vom Buch auf die Straße« on Big Type from 1600 until 1920 at the Museum of Printing Arts in Leipzig, yesterday!

Curated by Julia Blume, and OurType's Fred Smeijers and Pierre Pané - Farré, it really is a typographic afficionados' delight and well worth a trip to Leipzig.

»Vom Buch auf die Straße« on display through September 28, 2014.
2014-06-03 Awards for Doha Film Institute custom fonts
Well done!
DFI - Doha Film Institute & Saffron Consultants win Best Visual Identity for a NGO/Charity at the Transform Awards MENA, featuring the brand new custom Fresco DFI fonts.

Congratulations to all!

2014-03-20 New: Bonnie & Fakt Slab Stencil
We love sunshine! But the good news is that we've got more than the local weather forecast in our sleeve. So it's about time we announce our latest release: Bonnie & Fakt Slab Stencil families!

We are happy to welcome Artur Schmal's second design for OurType - Bonnie - a design that promises to strike the right note as a special, amiable geometric sans.
The second family that's coming straight from 'the press' - Fakt Slab Stencil – is Thomas Thiemich's creation; one that further expands the powerhouse Fakt family and redefines, yet again, the notion of 'serious 'play'.

2013-12-19 Merry and Happy!
The 2013 is rounding up and in anticipation of the season's holidays we are sending our best wishes to all our friends out there!

Our only release this year – Remo – has been a fave ever since its launch and we are delighted to have it among FontShop's BEST OF 2013. Thumbs up to Thomas Thiemich who made it to the FontShop's favourites for the third consecutive year!

What's more? — We've just completed a brand new font family for Doha Film Institute. Several new designs are now in progress and set to join the OurType Collection in 2014. More fabulous stencil type, a new book on the subject, and a sequel of the Stencil Type exhibition are all in line for the coming year, too.

All of this wouldn't be possible without our team - Thomas Thiemich, Maurice Göldner, Pierre Pané-Farré, Allison Dhondt, Dieter Geeraerts - and ALL our contributing designers around the world, whom we wish to thank for their solid work, commitment, and team spirit.

Merry and Happy from OurType, everyone!

2013-06-12 New: Remo & Remo Plus
We proudly present Thomas Thiemich's latest design for OurType — Remo and Remo Plus.

Serious and playful at once, Remo's design – an astonishing fusion of qualities drawn from grotesques of the nineteenth century, and geometric and humanistic sans serifs of the twentieth – comes close to defining a new class of sans serif typefaces.

Just like Remo Stencil, Remo's basic framework is undoubtedly the circle and the square. This provides precision and a very satisfying articulation of form across the glyph set, enhanced by oblique endings and low contrast throughout. But the geometry is then softened by finely shaped curves and a few strategically turned out strokes. The result is a typeface of warmth and good humour, with italics that are nothing less than sunny and delightful.

Together with Remo's essential traits, Thomas Thiemich's highly systematic approach to typeface design brings with it a generous range of variant forms that make Remo a serious tool for typographic multi-tasking.

A superbly contemporary typeface, that is charmingly evocative of past lettering and type, Remo is a fine choice for countless design applications, from food labels and packaging, to apps, books, and even film titles.

2013-06-04 OurBudgetType: Monitor
Since its humble beginnings as a two-weight custom typeface for office use, Monitor has grown into a fully-fledged type system. Thanks to ample, open letter forms and a generous x-height the crisp design is supremely legible both in print and on screen. The versatile family currently spans nine weights with matching italics, each in three widths – Normal, SemiCondensed and Condensed. The character set now includes small caps for all styles and comprehensive OpenType features. The fonts support accents and special characters for all Western, Central and East European languages based on the Latin script.
OurType offers the four basic styles (Normal/Italic/Bold/Bold Italic) free of charge, with no end date. If you like what you see, come back to complete the family.


OurType is convinced that everyone should have access to great fonts, even if you are on a budget. OurBudgetType offers beautifully designed typefaces of impeccable technical quality at unbeatable prices. These are not just regular-sized families, but also extended suites to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding type users. As always all OurType typefaces are delivered in four font formats – OTF & TTF, EOT & WOFF – and licensed for both print and web.
2013-03-14 OurType among Typographica's 2012 Favourites
Lovely finding several of OurType's recent releases - Bery Roman, Bery Script and Bery Tuscan, Stan and Puncho - among the 2012 Favourites of Stephen Coles's Typographica! Plus, Edward, Corbeau, Fakt Slab, Arnhem Display, Orly Stencil,and Remo Stencil, all among the honorable mentions.

Featured fonts aside, this year's reviews are insightful and, quite a few, so well written – we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!

2013-01-07 Meret wins Communication Arts Typography Competition
Good news from California – Communication Arts Magazine has just announced the winners of the Typography Competition. Congratulations to Nils Thomsen –
OurType Meret is among the tight list of honoured projects!
2012-12-04 New: Fakt Soft & the Stencil Fonts Series III
The year is rounding up and we happily present our last release of the year –
Thomas Thiemich's Fakt Soft, the latest stylistic counterpart of the versatile
Fakt superfamily

the much-anticipated third installment of
the Stencil Fonts Series:
Remo Stencil - by Thomas Thiemich,
Bery Tuscan - by Fred Smeijers, and
Greco - codesigned by Fred Smeijers & Pierre Pané-Farré!

OurType's Stencil Font Series is designed to share with you our fascination for the story of stencil letters! The series balances craft, style and serious play and includes single fonts in styles that evoke various stencil making tools and techniques. The series' previous installments comprised: Orly Stencil, Puncho, Standing Type, Couteau, Bery Roman and
Bery Script.

And, because Christmas is a comin'! - we are offering Remo Stencil, Bery Tuscan, Greco, and Fakt SemiCondensed Normal and Italic
free of charge*, for a limited time.


*Offer bound to EULA.
2012-09-12 New: the Stencil Fonts Series II
We are delighted to bring you the second installment of The Stencil Fonts Series!
Please welcome – Couteau by Pierre Pané-Farré, Bery Roman and Bery Script designed by Fred Smeijers.

OurType's Stencil Font Series is designed to share with you our fascination for the story of stencil letters! The series balances craft, style and serious play and includes single fonts in styles that evoke various stencil making tools and techniques. The series' first installment comprised three fonts: Orly Stencil, Puncho, and Standing Type.

For a limited time we are offering Couteau, Bery Roman and Bery Script free of charge yet bound to our EULA.

We love Stencil Type! Do you?
2012-08-22 New: Edward
OurType presents Edward –
a fine sans serif dressed in tweed, typically British and anything but neutral!
Designed by Hendrik Weber.

2012-06-26 New: Corbeau & Arnhem Display
We are delighted to announce the latest additions to OurType collection:
Corbeau - by André Simard and
Arnhem Display - by Fred Smeijers.

You will love Corbeau for its precise and approachable design, but also for its efficiency and all-round excellence!

Arnhem Display, on its turn, is a long-anticipated addition to the acclaimed Arnhem family. A masterful Smeijers' design, Arnhem Display will lend grace and vigour to your newspaper headlines.

2012-05-16 New: Fakt Slab
OurType presents the newest addition to its slab serif collection: Fakt Slab — a balanced, vigorous and full-blooded companion to the Fakt family. Designed by Thomas Thiemich.


2012-04-19 New: the Stencil Fonts Series
OurType's passion for type history is well-known.
Our latest project - The Stencil Fonts Series - is designed to share with you our fascination for some lesser-known history ... yes, the story of stencil letters! The Stencil Font Series will include single fonts in styles that evoke various stencil making tools and techniques. The series balances craft, style and serious play.

Today, we bring you the first installment of The Stencil Fonts Series: Pierre Pané-Farré's Orly Stencil, Fred Smeijers' Puncho and Maurice Göldner's Standing Type.

For a limited time we are offering Orly Stencil, Puncho, and Standing Type free of charge yet bound to our EULA.

We love Stencil Type! Do you?
2012-04-16 Showcasing Stencil Type
OurType is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition 'Between Writing & Type: the Stencil Letter', opening on Thursday, 19 April 2012,
8 p.m. at the Catapult project space 'Kades-Kaden' in Antwerp.

Curated by Eric KINDEL and Fred SMEIJERS, 'Between Writing & Type: the Stencil Letter' is an exhibition of stencil letters from the 18th century to the present day, featuring a rich selection of stencil letters in the context of artefacts, documents and ephemera, including stencil plates and stencilling devices, specimens and catalogues, patent inventions and much more.
A highlight of the exhibition will be a series of new stencil fonts designed by Maurice GÖLDNER, Pierre PANÉ-FARRÉ and Fred SMEIJERS, part of the OurType Stencil Fonts Series.

Organised by OurType in collaboration with Catapult Ontwerpers.
Project space 'Kades-Kaden'
Rubenslei 10, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium

Exhibition open from 20.04. - 29.06.2012
2012-03-12 New: Fayon Grande
Spring is in the air!
OurType's second release this year is a dashing Modern that promises to refresh your typographic looks.
Please welcome, the elegant maverick -
Fayon Grande by Peter Mohr!

2012-01-12 New: Stan Pro
OurType presents Stan — a contrasted slabserif by Maurice Göldner.

OurType Stan is a reinterpretation of a now almost forgotten slab serif named 'Wellington', issued in 1913 by the Dresden foundry BrĂĽder Butter. Unpretentious and straightforward, Stan brings out the best of both worlds: the subtle perfume of the past and the 'esprit' of the present.

2011-12-30 Eva Zeisel
The prolific, inspired, and inspiring Eva Zeisel has left us.
2011-12-06 New: Meret Pro
OurType presents its release of 2011 — Meret, by Nils Thomsen.

Designed for newspapers, Meret is exactly that – and a good deal more. Firm, space-conscious, and highly readable, OurType Meret carefully balances pointed-nib and broad-nib stroke contrast, and is the fruit of research, perseverance, and the latest font development technologies.

2011-11-16 Latest from OurType
The blossoms in the spring are the fruit in autumn. Stay tuned!
2011-08-20 Fayon on display
OurType Fayon among the best international graphic and typographic design. See Fayon on display this fall in 'Graphic Design: Now In Production', a major exhibition on contemporary graphic design organized by the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis and Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York.
2011-06-05 A rare interview with our own Fred Smeijers
Ever wondered what's on Smeijers' mind?
Here it is – Ten or so questions from WebINK to OurType's Creative Director Fred Smeijers.
2011-06-01 OurType webfonts out now
Summer starts with more good news from OurType – our webfonts collection is now available exclusively from WebInk. Enjoy!
2011-05-25 Hidden Gems on FontFeed
Yves Peters (BaldCondensed) of The FontFeed interviewed the designers of MERAN, EVA and FAYON, featuring the development of each family.

The 50% discount offer on Meran, Eva & Fayon expires on May 31, 2011.

Offer also available for the customers of
2011-05-19 Paul Shaw on Nikola Djurek
Nikola Djurek featured in Paul Shaw's "Stereotype: The Future of Type Design". Check it out!
2011-04-14 OurType's Hidden Gems
Think of OurType collection and Arnhem, Sansa, Fresco, Parry, or newer – Fakt come first to mind. But there is more!

As OurType collection is steadily growing, we'd love you to discover more outstanding type: Meran, Eva and Fayon. Each of these families – true typographic gems – carry full OpenType functionalities, but above all – unique designs.

Play and fully test Meran, Eva and Fayon in the coming weeks on conditions that are hard to beat: selected styles* at no charge and 50% discount on further Meran, Eva and Fayon purchases.

Great design starts with fine type.
Don't take our word for it, try it yourself!

* Meran Light & SemiBold OTF STD
* Meran Semi Condensed SemiBold
& SemiBold Italic OTF STD
* Meran Condensed Thin & Black OTF STD
* Eva Semibold & SemiBold Italic OTF STD
* Fayon SemiBold and SemiBold Italic OTF STD

Offer expires on May 31, 2011.
2011-04-04 OurType designers on display
OurType designers Maurice Göldner, Thomas Thiemich, Fred Smeijers & Hendrik Weber exhibit in Leipzig. Check it out!

Mein Typ on display through April 24.
2011-03-23 Up-and-coming
Working hard. Exciting releases underway!
2011-03-02 Arnhem joins Ludwig Weeks
We have extended the Ludwig weeks offer
to the Ludwig's serif companion typeface - Arnhem: 50% off regular price.
And not to forget, Ludwig Semi Condensed Blond and Italic – at no charge.

Offer expires on March 16, 2011.
2011-02-16 Ludwig weeks at OurType
OurType's outstanding Ludwig [and Arnhem]
are the guest typefaces of eye magazine 78.

We are happy to announce the Ludwig weeks – 50% off regular price, plus two styles – Ludwig Semi Condensed Blond and Italic – at no charge. Enjoy!

Offer expires on March 16, 2011.
2011-01-13 UK Design Award
The OurType website is this month's winner (January 2011) on UK Design Awards.
2010-12-20 End of Year
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white!

2010-12-16 Fakt Pro Complete - Introduction offer
The ultimate Fakt OpenType Pro package deal. 60 Fonts (two flavours) for 750 Euro -
10 user licence.

Fonts include Small Caps, Fractions, Alternates, Super/Subscript, Inferiors/Superiors and
much more.

Offer expires on Jan 15, 2011.

2010-12-15 New: Fakt Pro
Two sanserif traditions, one font? It's a Fakt!
OurType's final release of 2010 is a double-mood sanserif, which brings a subtle modern perfume to grotesk and geometrical sanserif traditions.

Designed by Thomas Thiemich, Fakt is a fine pick for posters, magazines or art catalogues, digital applications or new corporate environments.

Fakt consists of ten weights of roman and italic designs, and is built around three widths. The family features an extended range of thin weights, including the ethereal and never-before-seen 'Air'.

2010-11-30 New: Tiina Pro
OurType presents its latest release - Tiina
- a contemporary all-purpose text typeface in five weights, for texts which just want to be read, not to impress!

A warm welcome to Valentin Brustaux,
the first Swiss designer to join OurType!
2010-11-24 New release
Next OurType release is on the way!
2010-11-16 New: Custodia Pro
Great news for lovers of classical typography -
remastered and expanded Custodia is now online!
Designed by Fred Smeijers in 2002 for Custodia Foundation in Paris, it has been first published by OurType in 2003 in a single weight.
Seven years later, Smeijers expands the family with a matching semibold and bold weights in OpenType PRO character set.
The update incorporates subtle improvements to glyph detailing and spacing, and the addition of italic stylistic alternates.
Searching for a fine text face with a distinct seventeenth-century Dutch flavour?
Look no further - Custodia Pro.

2010-11-10 New: Comb Pro & Comb Forms
Lo and behold! OurType announces its newest release - Comb - a new monospaced font family for designing forms.
A warm welcome to the Belgian young gun of type and programming Frederik Berlaen!
2010-11-09 New release
OurType's next release on November 10.
Stay tuned!
2010-10-06 Smeijers at Plantin Moretus Museum
Antwerp celebrates Jan I Moretus!
Public lecture by Fred Smeijers on October 28 at Plantin Moretus museum.

2010-09-27 Artur Schmal in Ă©tapes Mag
Interview with OurType's Artur Schmal in the French graphic design magazine Ă©tapes (issue 183).
2010-09-20 Smeijers at Webfontday
Listen to Smeijers in Munich at Webfontday. Presentation in English.
2010-08-25 New: Arnhem Pro
Eight years after the first release, Smeijers presents the second generation of Arnhem fonts. With small design and spacing amendments, and completed with a SemiBold weight Arnhem fonts now feature five weights of roman and italic designs: Blond, Normal, SemiBold, Bold and Black. The standard character set (STD) includes small caps, while the newly designed Arnhem pro set (PRO) adds lining, old style and small cap figures (each in tabular and proportional widths); fractions; comprehensive scientific superiors and inferiors, nominators and denominators; case sensitive punctuation sets; mathematical and monetary symbols (in tabular and proportional widths); arrows; standard and discretionary ligatures; and a complete range of accents for all Latin-script-based Western, Central and East European languages.
2010-05-25 New: Lirico Press
The OurType Lirico family has become even more versatile due to its latest addition — Lirico Press. While both variants share the same character width, Lirico Press features a reduced capital height, shorter ascenders and descenders to meet the demands of efficient type setting and deliver a more compact overall appearance. The name - Lirico Press - points at its intended area of use - dictionaries, newspapers, television guides, magazines - applications that require crisp, characterful and compact typefaces of exceptional readability.

OurType Lirico Press consists of roman and italic designs in six weights: Extra Light, Light, Normal, SemiBold, Bold, and Black. The standard character set (STD) includes small caps, while the pro set (PRO) adds lining, old style and small cap figures (each in tabular and proportional widths); fractions; comprehensive scientific superiors and inferiors, nominators and denominators; case sensitive punctuation sets; mathematical and monetary symbols (in tabular and proportional widths); arrows; standard and discretionary ligatures; and a complete range of accents for all Latin-script-based Western, Central and East European languages.

2010-05-20 OurType in TypoLyrics
OurType showcased in "TypoLyrics – The Sound of Fonts", available from Slanted & Birkhäuser publishers.
2010-05-04 OurType in ID Pure Mag
Interview with OurType partners in the latest issue (N21) of ID pure magazine, on newsstands now.
2010-04-22 New typefaces from OurType
Coinciding with the launch of the new website, we proudly present our latest release –
Fayon – by Peter Mohr.
A fresh take on the Didot style, OurType Fayon is a contemporary, high performance family for text.

Plus, not a new release but an extension of an existing family - Parry - now boasts additional styles at both extremes of the weight spectrum.
Complementing the original Normal, Semi Bold, Bold, and Black weights, both Parry and Parry Grotesque were augmented with an ethereal Ultrathin and Thin, and a deliciously chunky and robust Extrablack for that extra oomph. Both Parry families are now available in PRO and Standard character sets.


2010-04-16 New website is online
OurType is proud to announce its brand new website - a fresh and dynamic re-imagining of the original online home of the independent type foundry!

The new OurType website is very much a collaborative effort.

OurType would like to extend its gratitude and appreciation to everyone involved and, in particular, to:

group94, for sharing this journey with us!
A special thank you to Thomas for his relentless work and churning out code that approximated digital poetry!

Another thank you goes to the type creator, code jedi, and Type & Media alumnus Frederik Berlaen. He custom built the software used for visualizing the glyph sets.

And last but not least - type designer and also Type & Media alumnus Gustavo Ferreira created the revolutionary bitmap type system Elementar, a custom version of which is used as a text face throughout the OurType website.

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