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Frederik Berlaen

Frederik Berlaen is a typographic designer with a love for programming and scripting. After studying graphic design at Sint-Lucas in Gent, where he got the passion for pure black & white type, he went to study type design at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. Frederik completed his Master Degree in 2006. His final project at KABK was not a type family but an application - Kalliculator - which studies the broad nib and pointed pen and subsequently enables the user to generate thousands of typefaces.

Berlaen's multidisciplinary practice - TypeMyType - is based in Gent, where he also lives. He is teaching type design at Sint-Lucas in Gent, Belgium.

His typeface Comb has joined the OurType collection in 2010.

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Fonts by Frederik Berlaen

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