Parry Grotesque

Parry Grotesque
Designed by Artur Schmal


OurType Parry is a typeface design of Artur Schmal. It began in 2002 as Schmal's graduation project at Type & Media at KABK in The Hague. Inspired by the sturdy typefaces of Edmund Fry and Thorowgood, it came out as a fairly traditional, heavy slab serif, complemented by an even heavier condensed variant and a series of sanserif capitals.

As of 2004 the typeface saw further development into what was to become OurType Parry:
First, designing the slab serif that would be suitable for composing longer texts yet retaining the Victorian atmosphere. Secondly, drawing a matching Grotesque, as part of the same family.

Since early nineteenth-century slabserifs and grotesques have been created and produced as separate designs, but, with a fair amount of typographic skills, they often complemented one another better than many contemporary humanistic sanserifs, created to match their serifed counterpart.
Looking at the contemporary designs that address this historical model, OurType Parry is undoubtedly the first to bring a slabserif and grotesque variant under the same proportions, weight and glyph characteristics.

Despite its nineteenth-century perfume, Parry is a contemporary typeface. It produces a rounder and softer image than the often rigid slab serifs of those times. Some of Parry's design features - like the top serifs - have an outward bulge. And, although such details might be regarded as 'not done', Schmal opted for them, because 'it simply looks good' in combination with sharp-edged bottom of the lowercase c, e and d.

Since its release in 2006 Parry and Parry Grotesque have proven to be a more than versatile typeface. It is a comfortable and reliable choice for a wide range of applications: from corporate identities to subtile book typography, from magazines to billboard-sized advertising campaigns.

From 2008, both Parry and Parry Grotesque, have undergone substantial development: designing four new weights, amending a range of glyphs and their spacing, as well as developing the PRO character set. The four new weights - Ultra Thin, Thin, Light and Extra Black - have been designed to enhance Parry's performance in display sizes.

Currently, OurType Parry Grotesque consists of roman and italic designs in eight weights: Ultra Thin, Thin, Light, Normal, SemiBold, Bold, Black and Extra Black. The pro set (PRO) includes small caps, lining, old style and small cap figures (each in tabular and proportional widths); fractions; comprehensive scientific superiors and inferiors, nominators and denominators; case sensitive punctuation sets; mathematical and monetary symbols (in tabular and proportional widths); arrows; standard and discretionary ligatures; and a complete range of accents for all Latin-script-based Western, Central and East European languages.

Produced by OurType and released in 2010, Parry Grotesque is available in OpenType PRO, TrueType, EOT and WOFF formats.

Language Support

Parry Grotesque OTF PRO fonts support the following languages:

Afrikaans, Albanian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish.

Parry Grotesque fonts are delivered in OpenType Pro, TrueType, WOFF & EOT format.

Opentype Pro Features

  • Case Sensitive Forms
  • Denominators
  • Discretionary ligatures
  • Fractions
  • Lining Figures
  • Localized Forms
  • Numerators
  • Old Style Figures
  • Ordinals
  • Proportional Figures
  • Scientific Inferiors
  • Slashed Zero
  • Small Capitals from Capitals
  • Small Caps
  • Standard ligatures
  • Superscript
  • Tabular Figures

Single weights

  • Parry Grotesque Pro UltraThin
  • Parry Grotesque Pro UltraThin Italic
  • Parry Grotesque Pro Thin
  • Parry Grotesque Pro Thin Italic
  • Parry Grotesque Pro Light
  • Parry Grotesque Pro Light Italic
  • Parry Grotesque Pro Normal
  • Parry Grotesque Pro Normal Italic
  • Parry Grotesque Pro SemiBold
  • Parry Grotesque Pro SemiBold Italic
  • Parry Grotesque Pro Bold
  • Parry Grotesque Pro Bold Italic
  • Parry Grotesque Pro Black
  • Parry Grotesque Pro Black Italic
  • Parry Grotesque Pro ExtraBlack
  • Parry Grotesque Pro ExtraBlack Italic
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